Monday, August 8, 2011

Thursday, July 7, 2011

GYPSY (Part 2) Opening night tomorrow.

Ah HELL WEEK. How can I describe this for those who have not experience it......

day one...stopping starting standing waiting for lights and sound cues to be set......set changes...sleeping while waiting long hours.....then missing something important while you were sleeping.... picking up where we left off the night before so the days all blend into one long day.
(the Boys patiently waiting for lights to be set on their number.)

then costumes thrown at you. Literally. 6 kids + 25 adults + 5 changes a piece (at least) + no costume plots = A zoo backstage. quick changes in the very small wings....clothes flying.... shoved out of the way for a giant set piece to fly by.... jumping on stage and hoping all the rehearsal will kick your muscle memory into gear because you have no idea what is next... the actors desperately needing to work certain parts of the show and trying to find the energy and the good attitude to do it... and of course time. did I mention we have live animals in this play? oh yeah.. and don't forget to SMILE BABY!!
(This is Lauren in partial cow costume with no use of her hands.. so she sits and waits backstage)

it has defiantly been one of the craziest tech weeks I have experienced.
But ready or not we have an audience tonight. One of my favorite parts of theater is watching a play really come alive with an audience. Mistakes will defiantly be made but that is also part of the fun. Its going to be a great show. The talent and the heart is there.

If you want to come and see the show visit and get your tickets. Use promo code "Darkhorse" for a discount. :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Since I have nothing really new that happens in my life I decided I would blog about the current show that i am in... I will try to be honest about my feelings of the production, good and bad, so that I can look back and remember it just the way it was.

So the current show that I am rehearsing right now is.........

For those of you who don't know this show, it is loosely based on a true story about Madame Rose and her two daughters, Louise and June, and their life in show business. The story begins in their life in Vaudeville (traveling vignettes and variety acts) but as that industry slowly dies and June runs away because of Rose the unbearable stage mother, the story ends with Louise living the life of a burlesque stripper, brought on by pressure from her mother. Its a great show that is very sweet, funny, dark and sad.

My character is June (based on June Havoc) She is the younger of Rose's two daughters and the one center stage while Louise is pushed to the back and dressed up as a boy. She eventually can't take it anymore, and runs away from her family to make it on her own.
This is very convenient for me because that means I am not in act two of the show and get to take an hour nap backstage.

We are two weeks away from opening this puppy and it feels like we have had two rehearsals. A combination of what feels like a somewhat slow moving rehearsal process and a very disjointed show, (ie. I am not on stage with half of the cast, ever. Not even in the same act as half the cast) it seems like I hardly know what is happening. But with a talented cast and a great director I am keeping the faith that when it gets all put together it will come together like Jello. Baby.

We get to rehearse in our actual performing space on Saturday! yeee! And costumes to come soon as well. I can't wait to watch the whole thing and see what the show is like :)

P.S. my character is perpetually in the splits in the show. ugh. So keep my left hamstring in your prayers at night. Oh and our leads are both sick so keep them in as well. Hopefully all will be healthy in two weeks when we open.

Monday, August 9, 2010

How To Be Alone

.....while in between theatre projects.... being painfully slow.... serious relationships....
.....and roomates gone quite often.....

I am trying to learn how to be by myself with out driving myself crazy.

Watch this and you will get an idea of what I mean.

Which has inspired me to do more of this...

*painting, building shelves and decorating my room
*growing plants!
*learning the guitar
*going to the library
*cooking (ha)

For a start. I will let you know how my new skills work out. I think my plants are already dying.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My life is a movie.

Went on a nice run this morning and was of course listening to my ipod when suddenly my life turned into a scene straight out of a movie.

Out of nowhere a mailman who looked something like this...
stepped out onto the sidewalk and I plowed straight into him. I kid you not at that EXACT moment the song "At Last My Love has Come Along" came on to my ipod and I am pretty sure everything turned slow motion. We even had a moment of eye contact and then we smiled and I continued running listening to the rest of the song as if I were in a movie. I even went with the urge to turn and look one more time. It was amazing and made the rest of the run so much more enjoyable! Too bad I looked like something that fell from the sweaty tree and it probably didn't play out same way from his point of view.

Friday, February 26, 2010

White walls are boring.

Just moved into a new apartment. A permanent, temporary home to live when I am in SLC. Which looks like it might be for the whole summer! So this is the project that we took on. The apartment was a one bedroom with a huge, some what divided, front room. Well we decided to make it our project and for much cheaper rent we turned it into a two bedroom!

These are the white walls before we splattered our personality and creativity all over them. The far room with the balcony is now my bedroom after we divided it with curtains and a faux-wall using various mirrors, clocks and photos, and of course some of our personal artwork :) and the boring white walls had to go as well. Most people do a little planning before painting but I just picked up a pencil and as I started drawing, Jeffrey started painting. It was very spontaneous and we let them creativity juices flow! It now looks like this.

Furniture from DI- $100
Paint/curtains/supplies- $20
Opportunity to get your hands dirty and make something your own
and then have your cat slowly destroy it all...... - PRICELESS!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

oh 2009.

It is really hard for me to imagine 2010 to be better than 2009. It was a pretty awesome year.

The easiest way for me to categorize the years and events in my brain is by associating them with what shows I was in. I am sure many of you theater people understand. Here is a quick list of things I liked about this year, sorted by show.

THIS IS YOUR LIFE! (on tour through the east coast)
-met a crazy girl, who likes to call herself my friend, named Lizzie.
-strengthened the family ties with my long lost brother Allan.
-Got to travel spending virtually not a dime of my own money. :)
-oh yeah, and I enjoyed teaching kids valuable lessons through the art of the theater...yadda yadda yadda.

GUYS AND DOLLS! (Sugar Factory Playhouse)
- Choreographed my first full length musical!
-Strengthened the family ties with the ma and pa.
-learned to re-appreciate the dedication and passion of a community theater...yadda

GREASE! (J-Hole)
-managed a restaurant like a real grown-up.
-had annoying songs running constantly through my brain.
- made lasting friendships based on the fact we had similar things to complain about.
-lived in the middle of fascinating wildlife and scenery all summer long.. (that i never got a chance to appreciate.)

GREECE!(Not a show, just a country)
um...just plain amazing.. thats all.

CHRISTMAS SHOW! (j-hole, round 2)
-100% freedom as an actor and choreographer. (sometimes its just easier to have someone else tell you what to do)
-By January 3 learned almost all the lyrics to pretty much every Christmas song ever written.
-slept in everyday, in a cute cabin, in the middle of a winter wonderland....can't complain.
-Tried very hard to impersonate Rosemary Clooney, and then gave up cause no one knows who she is anyway.

-First year out of school- Holla! Hard work pays off.
- Hit approximately 15-20 states and 4 countries!
- Gained some friends.- (weird I know)
-Had a lot of fun. Who knew that being a grown up would be so much fun?!

NEXT YEAR>>>>>hmmmm

-5 countries?? or better, more than a month in one foreign country.....Yes.
-survive another year with out a boring 9-5 job.
-lose 5 pounds.. work-out everyday....oh! be able to do the splits again.
-eat less sugar --GASP---i know. :(
-Be a better friend. This is no secret. I suck at keeping up good friendships.
-find an adorable place to call home, even when I am away for long times.
- be a better mom to my kitty. I will start by not forcing him to stay in my arms while I pretend that he is a cuddly kitty.
- learn how to format my blog so it doesn't look like a three year old uploaded and spaced it.(Just added this last one as I am trying to put up pictures, looks like you don't get pictures this week.)
- I am also up for some friendly criticism on 2010 goals.